Our Philosophy

Handfashioned is a fine craft boutique founded by Kim Koerner in 2023.

Our desire is a world immersed in the beauty, quality and uniqueness of Fine Craft.

From all across Canada, we seek out and discover the most extraordinary artisans doing their most exceptional work.

We are creating a special place that will facilitate the blissful connection of the Artisan's original expression to our Customer's kindred spirit by providing crafts that will bring forth the emotions of wonderment and amazement.

Citizen of Craft Manifesto
Courtesy of Citizens of Craft

A wonderfully collaborative initiative that was done by the Provincial & Territorial Craft Councils & Canadian Crafts Federation in order clarify and deepen the public’s understanding of craft and to make craft more accessible.

This lead to the creation of the Citizen of Craft Manifesto. We, at Handfashioned Fine Craft, are Citizens of Craft

  • You are not a lemming. You’re not a follower; you trust your own tastes and live by them.
  • You value the unique and enduring. As an authentic human being, you appreciate things that don’t scream assembly line.
  • Objects should inhabit, not intrude. You believe objects with personal, tactile histories engage with your world better than the anonymously mass-produced.
  • You are not automated, manufactured, or cloned. You weren’t made in a factory, so you prefer not to bury your life with things that are.
  • You believe in 10-digit technology. You connect more strongly with things made by a pair on hands - the original 10-digit machine.
  • One size should not fit all. You prefer objects that mirror your individual taste, rather than fit some monster demographic
  • Nothing is newer than tradition. You are as much a fan of time-honoured techniques as you are of their contemporary interpretations.
  • Cookie cutter doesn’t cut it. You appreciate that craft brings different cultures and perspectives into your space.
  • Vases are people too. Craft objects evoke their makers, letting you surround yourself with not just things, but personalities.
  • While we all march to different drums, we move together. You value how each maker’s unique expression bonds us as a richer community.
We believe that nothing more needs to be said.