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C 1890

Rustic Lantern Pendulum

Rustic Lantern Pendulum

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A Crackled Fire Agate is encased in a rustic metal lantern with delicate filigree accents. Designed with old-world aesthetics in mind, this weathered pendulum is accented with bright turquoise faceted glass and lots of vintage detailing. Pendulum

Agate is a Chalcedony stone which is known for balancing Yin and Yang, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies. Believed to eliminate negativity, Crackled Fire Agate is also considered an energizing stone. Used to cleanse negative vibrations, Agate is considered a stone of protection and also believed to inspire a sense of connectedness on the spiritual realm.

This rustic pendulum measures 10 inches in length and features a weathered metal covering that is reminiscent of a vintage lantern. 

Cracked Fire Agate
Turquoise Faceted Glass Beads



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