Artisan Submission for Wholesale and/or Consignment

Dear Artisan,

We are so happy to see you here. Why is that you say? Well, our shop has this vision …

“Having a world immersed in the beauty, quality, and uniqueness of Fine Craft.”

Are we kindred spirits? Then this may be the place for you.

Our shop is a fine craft boutique, located in Stittsville, Ontario. We will happily and proudly showcase an eclectic and exciting collection of traditional and contemporary craft both in our brick and mortar boutique and in our online shop. Your craft should tell us that you are a professional who is committed to a path of creative, artistic and technical development. Your craft is unique within the genre you are working in.

Our boutique will feature both craft that is functional, and craft that is for display; however, we are leaning towards having more craft that is functional.

General Idea of What We are Looking For and At:

  • Made by your Hand
  • Original idea of the Artisan, or an unique and creative spin of a traditional or classic design
  • The object must be capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed with planned durability
  • Quality of craftspersonship
  • Uniqueness of product and packaging (if applicable)
  • Use of colour, texture and detail.
  • Ready-made parts or components are fine only if they are subordinate to the total design and craftspersonship of the object.
  • Price points
  • Relative to other work already in the shop
  • Marketability and salability to our shop’s demographic

** We kindly request no phone calls, direct messages or walk-ins.

Please Note We Do Not Accept the Following:

  • Photography
  • Food items
  • Plants
  • Clothing that required a change room to try on (we don’t have one)
  • Medium & large scale furniture (we’re a small shop)
  • Work made from kits or commercial patterns
  • Work made with commercial moulds
  • Work made with a commercial product as the focal point

How To Apply:

Send an email, with the following information, to

  • Contact information. Includes name, email, phone #, and mailing address
  • Company information. Includes name of business, website URL, and Social Media Accounts
  • Are you interested in Wholesale? See below.
  • Are you interested in Consignment? See Below.
  • Can you do a Combination of Wholesale and Consignment (% of each)?
  • Product Type / Medium - What do you make?
  • Brief Description of You and your Work (materials, techniques, process, etc)
  • Please upload 4 to 6 images of your work (.jpg)
  • Examples of retail prices for your products
  • Where is your work presently sold? Local/National/International/Online
  • What else would you like us to know about you or your business

Handfashioned reviews every submission and successful applicants will be contacted by email. If Handfashioned and your products are a good fit, we will be in touch to discuss terms and product delivery.

We kindly request no phone calls, direct messages or walk-ins.
We will only be in touch with you via email if we have any questions of if your line is selected.

Wholesale Information:

If you have a Wholesale Terms and Conditions package then you can send it with your application. If you are comfortable waiting until we contact you before providing it that is fine also.

If you are new to wholesale and are not sure what information to give then here is a list to start with:

  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • MSRP (If applicable)
  • Payment Terms
  • Order Process
  • Process Times and Delivery Window
  • Shipping Policies
  • Return and Exchange Policies
  • Copyrights and Brand Assets Policies - i.e Use of your photos of items
  • Other Influencing Terms and Conditions

Consignment Terms and Conditions:

  • Upon Sale of item, Handfashioned will pay the Artisan 60% of the retail price, payment is made on a 45-day payment schedule i.e If purchased in December they the payout will be by Feb. 15th.
  • Your work will remain property of the Artisan until it is sold and paid in full or returned to the Artisan. There is no obligation for Handfashioned to purchase any work.
  • Consign work will be delivered and picked up by the Artisan unless otherwise arranged.
  • If you receive notification that your work is to be returned, you will have 21 days to pick it up, unless otherwise negotiated, or, if able, we will return it at your cost. If not able, we will keep it and put it to good use.
  • The Artisan is responsible for insuring your work during shipping and delivery. Handfashioned is responsible for insuring all work for theft and damage while in its shop location, and within the dates of the consignment agreement. Handfashioned shall reimburse the Artisan for the consigned cost of the item if theft or breakage occurs during the consignment period.
  • Any item damaged while in the care of Handfashioned and paid for under the conditions outlined above, shall become the property of Handfashioned.
  • If an item is damaged while in the care of Handfashioned but is repairable, Handfashioned will pay the repair cost up to 40% of the retail cost of the item.
  • HST or GST/PST will only be paid to craftspeople who provide their HST or GST/PST identification # to Handfashioned.
  • Each January you will receive a detailed inventory list showing all current stock on hand. You will have 21 days to verify your inventory after which point your account will be classified as balanced.

Thank you for your interest in having your work carried in Handfashioned and good luck!